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Firefighter Badge Plaque
Firefighter Badge Plaque
Firefighter Badge Plaque
Firefighter Badge Plaque

Firefighter Badge Plaque

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The Firefighter Badge Plaque is a gorgeous wooden replica of the standard badge proudly worn by many firefighters, and is sure to amaze!  

As you can see in the pictures, our Firefighter Badge is multi-dimensional with many layers and bevels in the various details from top to bottom.

This beauty is made out of 3/4" thick solid walnut which means each badge will have it's own unique look due to the variances that come with using natural wood, and simply finishing with a triple layer of clear coat.

Of course the firefighter helmet shield plaque will be customized to your personal  specifications including rank, department name, and badge number or station number. 

You will have ability to provide your customization choices in your order cart once added.

Please provide us with your Customization Instructions in the cart:

  1. Top Row Lettering under Eagle (we suggest using the rank, the center picture of the badge will correlate with the rank)
  2. Top of Circle Lettering (we suggest this is the city and state of the fire department, Ex: Aurora, IL)
  3. Bottom of Circle Lettering (we suggest "Fire Dept" as pictured)
  4. Badge Number or Company/Station Number (this will be displayed at the bottom of the badge)