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About Us

Welcome to Hometown Heroes Designs, the place to discover our unique, personalized wooden plaques and signs which we design and make ourselves, meant to honor our Hometown Heroes.
We’re glad you’re here! 
Here’s a little background about us, Mike & Erica, the creators of Hometown Heroes Designs
In addition to running our business together, we also work full time in the suburbs of Chicago.  Mike is a proud and experienced Firefighter/Paramedic, he has also spent years woodworking as a hobby, making furniture, plaques, and completing various house projects.  Erica spends her time in the corporate world, working for manufacturers and retailers with a focus in Supply Chain, building her business acumen. We also have a creative side and we hope that shines through in what you see!
Our journey together began in 2016…when we met and fell in love❤️.  We have two amazing children and love to spend time together as a family, finding different fun activities to experience.  We also enjoy spending time together as a couple, being active, (most of the time playing volleyball, our favorite!) and have always had visions of doing something new, exciting and special together as a team….and here we are, Hometown Heroes Designs!
Being a part of the firefighter community, we recognize the importance of this role along with all of the other individuals who serve by putting their lives on the line to help and protect others.
The products that we make are meant to honor these heroes and provide recognition and appreciation for what they do for all of us.  It feels good!
We also know there is a warranted sense of pride our heroes feel by being part of the department they work for, whether it be Police, Fire, Military…etc. and we are grateful to have the ability to create something beautiful and personalized that they can display at home or work as a reminder of all that they do!
Though we are at the beginning stages of our getting our business started and are pleased to offer what we have designed to date, we are eager and look forward to creating new designs and branching out to other types of Hometown Heroes to recognize.  We can’t wait!
Thanks for taking the time to check us out and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments!
Mike & Erica
Hometown Heroes Designs
Aurora, IL